Audit Manager

Stay on top of government and commercial audits with Cobius Audit Manager, the industry’s leading payer audit management solution.

Audit Manager allows hospitals and other healthcare providers to manage all payer audits with one easy-to-use system. Its automated processes and customizable workflow make it possible to respond rapidly to audit requests and to manage thousands of cases simultaneously.
Because it can share data seamlessly with your hospital billing systems, you eliminate redundant data entry and errors while making information available to all key users. With Audit Manager, you can manage the heaviest workloads and still contribute to continuous quality improvement.

Use an all-in-one payer audit management system

Log and track all audits in a single system that simplifies information sharing and collaboration among authorized users. Manage pre-bill and post-bill audits from government and commercial payers for all parts of a healthcare system.  Your ability to enter and update multiple audits at one time substantially reduces data entry time and errors.

Save time through automation

Audit Manager can securely share information with other systems and stakeholders.  Our audit document delivery feature (including esMD) instantly transmits charts, discussions, and appeal filings to Medicare, Medicaid and commercial auditors, preventing file loss and delivery delay.  We can also retrieve audit request letters from Medicare and other auditors electronically (including through eMDR), automating audit entry while avoiding lost or delayed letters.  These features save time and costs and can expedite audit resolution and recovery by weeks.  Audit Manager can also extract information from paper audit request letters to create and update audits.  Built-in workflow automatically assigns and monitors tasks, while email reminders, task queues, and other tools help ensure deadlines are met by moving work toward timely completion. Online templates make it easy to create powerful appeal letters, improving favorable appeal outcomes.

Access robust business intelligence and reporting

Dozens of ready-to-run reports offer real-time insights about productivity, aging, finance, workflow, risks, costs, and other topics.  Executive scorecards and dashboards offer high-level overviews, and their one-click drill down capability allows users to see details immediately. By making it easy to identify risks and mitigate costs, Audit Manager helps maximize recoveries while helping you prevent future audits.

Minimize your exposure to payer audits  by using Cobius Audit Manager.
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